Examine the Environment

How it's done

Environmental conditions can include wetlands, threatened and endangered species, key habitats, hydrology, flooding, hazardous materials, geology, soils and more. The purpose of this page is to help you answer the following questions.

Why do environmental conditions matter?

It is important to understand where specific environmental conditions apply as they may constrain, or prohibit, new development and certain types of business operations.

Where are the environmental conditions?

The map below illustrates a range of some of the more impactful environmental conditions in the municipality. Select the type of environmental condition you are interested in and zoom in to get more detail as to where it applies.

How do I use this information?

The information provided on this page is useful when undertaking a constraints analysis. The purpose of a constraints analysis is to identify environmental conditions that could impact future land use or the development potential of any location. A comprehensive analysis identifies the primary issues and constraints associated with each environmental condition and provides insights into any potential barriers or future risks for a business.

The environmental conditions identified in the map above may impact the success of your business operations or investment. Please be aware that additional environmental conditions may exist that are not shown on the above map. If you have further questions about the potential impact of any constraint on your business, or investment, we encourage you to contact the municipal planning department.

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