Identify Community Facilities

How it's done

Community facilities include educational, health, recreational, public and cultural places that contribute to our quality of life. While not always at the top of businesses' priority lists, locating near community facilities can bring major benefits for some industries. This page will help to you to understand where these opportunities may exist.

Why do community facilities matter?

Community facilities can matter to your business for two reasons. Firstly, they can act as pedestrian magnets and traffic generators. If your business is located near a busy community facility this may help to attract your future customers. A potential drawback is that they can also create congestion which makes it harder for people to access your premises, so weigh the pros and cons in each instance. Secondly, being near schools, recreational facilities and other amenities can help you attract and retain employees.

Where are the community facilities?

The map below shows various types of community facilities in the municipality. Select the type of facility you are interested in and click on the circles to get more information.

How do I use this information?

Attracting customers

Community facilities often act as “traffic generators.” Traffic generators are establishments or activities that draw people, or other businesses, to a given location. Examples include schools, hospitals, recreational and cultural facilities, malls, hotels, big box stores, industrial parks and large office buildings. People tend to visit more than one location when they’re out, so your business may benefit by locating near traffic generators.

The key is to pay special attention to whether your target customer frequents the traffic generator and other businesses in the intended area and whether the location of your business makes it easy for customers to drop into your store before, or after, they visit these other premises.

Attracting and retaining employees

For companies that require a high proportion of professional talent, the quality of life they can offer employees matters. It may even make the difference in their ability to attract top talent. Quality of life can mean different things to different people but schools, healthcare and amenities are frequently primary considerations. A wide range of community facilities is especially essential to attract knowledge workers, who tend to have a greater choice when it comes to where they live and work.

For businesses within advanced manufacturing, technology, health and life-science industries, locating near large university and hospital precincts can help create important research and development partnerships and provide access to top students and future employees via retention strategies.

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